Taking So Much Care for Your Plants and Possible Results

It is nice that some to most of the people would consider planting trees in their areas since it can give them a different feeling especially when the weather becomes very unpleasant like the summer days and even when you wanted to relax under it. Others would not mind the proper ways to take care of them as they believe that trees will just grow there and you don’t need to take care of them like a baby which is very wrong kind of concept since a lot of people are thinking this way and some may think that you don’t have to spend more money when it comes to fertilizing them or giving them the right spot where they can grow even bigger and healthier to the soil. There are some other people that they love plants very much but they don’t know where to start and how to make this one possible since they are clueless and this is their first time to do it.  

It is normal for others as well that they would hire someone who can do the duty of the Sudbury tree care since you don’t have much time to do a lot of things, then you have to do your very best in order to find someone who is reliable and can bring the best for your plant. You would be very happy to see that your plants are growing and it is giving you a different feeling now that sooner or later you will be having some group of trees growing around your house and this can help you to feel even relaxing during the hotter days and even when there is a flood as they can absorb so much water and prevent the erosion from happening.  

It is a bit tricky for others as they want to have the concrete ideas on how to take care of the plants as they would compare sometimes having the pet but this one is totally different as you don’t need to play with them or go to the vet or even to have a walk. All you need to focus is the basic requirement and that is about giving them the needs that they have to have.  

It is important for humans to drink water and this is the similar situation for the plants as they need to use this one for the production of food and the different minerals in the body system of a plant. It is nice that you can keep the soil a bit moist than very dry as there will be no cycle of nutrients happening down there and it is important that they have something to sip so that can’t be dehydrated during the sunny time.  

Don’t forget about mulching them or you can use the very nice kind of fertilizer which can be a big help to your plants by giving them the need vitamins to grow. Of course, trimming and pruning is part of this one so you need to practice doing it.  

Tips for Making Organic Fertilizer

Trees, just like humans and animals, need some nutrients in order to survive. Yes, they need sunlight and water for sustenance, but they also need the nutrients and minerals that come from the soil. There are two ways on how to provide nutrients for your plants and trees. You can use purchase chemical fertilizers, or you can make your own organic fertilizer. You can consult and hire Thunder Bay tree care for professional advice.  

Both chemical and organic fertilizers have their share of benefits and drawbacks, although organic fertilizers provide more benefits to you, your plants and trees, and to the environment.  

Here, in this article, we will share with you how to make your own fertilizers at home.it is very cheap, and easy to do.  

Organic material from leftover food, grass clippings, and waste can be made DIY fertilizers. Remember that it is important that you test your soil first so you can provide it what it needs and what it is lacking. The fertilizer ratio is expressed in numbers of Phosphorus, Nitrogen, and Potassium, which are vital for the root development, strength, aerial storage, and the overall health of the plants.  

Other micronutrients that your plant’s and trees need: 

  • Iron 
  • Boron 
  • Copper 
  • Zinc 
  • Manganese 
  • molybdenum 

Animal-based fertilizers: 

  • Fish meal 
  • Bag guano 
  • Fish emulsion 
  • Blood meal 
  • Animal manure 
  • Bone meal fertilizer 
  • Worm castings 

Plant-based fertilizers: 

  • Cottonseed meal 
  • Soybean 
  • Seaweed 
  • Kelp 
  • Compost 
  • Alfalfa meal fertilizer 

How to Make Fertilizer That’s Natural & Organic? 

#1 Compost 


  • Pour some quality compost to your 5-gallon bucket 1/3 of the way from the compost you have in your house.  
  • Pour some water a few inches from the top 
  • Let it sit until the two organic materials mix. You can leave it up to four days to be certain. 
  • Stir the mixture while waiting 
  • Strain the mixture from the water with a fabric 
  • Pour the remaining compost in your lawn or garden or return it to the compost  
  • Dilute the liquid organic fertilizer at ratio 10:1 
  • Poor in the spray container and spray to leaves and barks. 

#2 Coffee Grounds 

Coffee grounds are best for roses, blueberries, and tomatoes as coffee grounds provide a good amount of nitrogen 

Instructions: whether you have dried or wet coffee grounds, you can just directly pour or sprinkle them on the plants and in the soil. Or, you can mix 5 gallons of water and 6 cups of coffee, wait for four days until it settles, and spray to leaves. 

#3 Banana peels 

If you love eating bananas, do not worry about the peels, as you can use them to provide nutrients to your plants. Banana peels are rich in potassium, which roses love.  

Instructions: All you need to do is to throw the banana peels in a hole or bury the peels in the soil until it naturally decays.  

#4 Manure 

Animal manure can compost of chicken, goat, horse, or any cattle you are raising. It is better to use old, aged, and dried manure if you want to see the best results.  

Instructions: sill a small permeable cloth bag with any of the manure you have, and let it sit for four days in a cool, shaded area. Apply it to the soil or bury it down.  

Things that Damage Your Trees: Avoid These

When it comes to the benefits that trees bring in our surroundings and the environment, in general, there is no question that some of these benefits are essential in our survival. They produce oxygen, provide us food, and give us a source for shelter.  

They also do the same in your backyard, although they become more of something that protects, shades, and beautifies your property. The Orleans tree care knows about that and this is why they offer their professional service to you. They know that a green community starts at home.  

However, unaware of the things that harm our tree, we sometimes create more damage to them rather than protecting them. Find out the list of the things that damage your tree and avoid them as soon as possible. 

1. You put your mulch close to the tree’s trunk 

While mulch provides insulation for the trees that allows them to cool down amid the heat of the sun, putting them to close to the tree’s trunk covers the root flare leading to suffocation. The ideal distance you should put your mulch at least six inches away from the trunk.  

2.Dog ties on a tree 

This is something you commonly see in households: dogs tied on a tree. This creates as this can potentially lead to cutting the bark which is very important part that protects the tree from insects and diseases. It is important that you keep your pet away from the tree. 

3.Putting concrete to fill tree cavities 

A lot of people think that putting concrete on tree cavity helps the tree to have more sturdy structure. However, this is not true as trees are best healed by themselves, and not by concrete. 

4.Pruning improperly 

Pruning is healthy for any plant. However, there is a danger of pruning too much can sever the trees and compromise growth. Also, the tools that you use can contribute to the tree developing diseases especially when you use contaminated sharp tools.  

5.Using pesticides and herbicides 

Although these two are proven to keep the weeds and pests away from the trees, they are also proven to harm your trees over time. Aside from the chemicals that damage the trees and shoo away pollinators like bees and butterflies, consistent application of pesticides and herbicides create immunity to pests and weeds. This is why farmers who use pesticides and herbicides need to double the dosage year after year.  

6.Putting nails, screws, and bird feeders on trees 

Nails screws and bird feeders can create wounds to the tree’s bark, and these wounds can be the breeding ground for pest and insect infestation. Also, the wounds can be severe that it damages the areas where cells are rapidly dividing which results in the increased girth of trees.  

7.Having too many trees 

Trees need nutrients, water, and sunlight to live and be healthy. If you plant too many trees and plants more than what your solids nutrients capacity, there will be an unhealthy competition to food, resulting in unhealthy trees and plants.  

Those are the common habits and things we do that we did not know harm our trees Avoid them to prevent damaging your trees in the future.